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200th Flight Milestone

By admin, 26 May 2014

Airmap3D have not long completed their 200th flight. This has totalled in approx. 80hrs logged flying time and covered a total distance of over 4000km. Tried, Tested, Proven!!

ACUO Management Committee

By admin, 19 May 2014

Matt Ewing, the Director of Airmap3D, has recently been elected to hold a position on the Management Committee of the Australian Certified UAV Operators (ACUO). The ACUO is the leading body representing commercial UAV operators in Australia. Matt is very…


Tropical Cyclone Dylan…

By admin, 31 January 2014

Where will you find Airmap3D about 12 hours after Tropical Cyclone Dylan crosses the coast of North Queensland? A couple hundred kilometres south getting wet and windy operating our UAS, thats where!! It will take more than a cyclone to…


No time to party during New Years 2014!

By admin, 10 January 2014

Airmap3D successfully completed 15 flights over a 4 day period during the end of December. The flights were conducted over 6 different mine sites, up to 300km apart and covered a total area of 567 hectares.

100th flight milestone!

By admin, 29 November 2013

Airmap3D have recently completed their 100th flight and have clocked up over 2000 minutes of airtime with their UAV.

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